Safety First

Safety is our first priority!

Safety Rules and Regulations

For Jumpin'J's Inflatables
The following rules and regulations should be read aloud to all children before being allowed on the inflatables:


1) Absolutely NO Pushing, Hitting, or Horseplay of any kind is allowed while on the inflatables.

2) Flips are not allowed to avoid neck and back injuries.

3) All sliders or jumpers MUST REMOVE SHOES before playing in or on the inflatables.

4) No sharp objects of any kind on the inflatables.

5) No Food or Drink allowed in or on the inflatables.

6) NO children are allowed near the motor. An adult supervisor will turn the on /off switch when it is time for the inflatables to be inflated/deflated.

The safety of the children depends on you,


Your personal supervision is absolutely required as the renter of these inflatable units, the safety of all of the children is your responsibility at all times.

I have read and fully understand all safety rules and regulations while operating these inflatables.

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Rental Agreement

Name/Group _______________________________


Phone #_______________Cell #________________

Dates & Times_____________________________

Rental Amount_____________________________

I understand and agree to abide by all safety rules and regulations. I know that any damages to the inflatable unit will be my responsibility.

Signature Date

Liability Waiver

I/We the renter of the inflatables hereby release Jumpin' J's from any and all absolute liability. I/We agree not to sue or to hold Jumpin' J's or any of its employees responsible for any injuries while the units are rented out.

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