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We started our family owned and operated business 4 years ago with just a rock wall and a lot of motivation. Traveling around with the rock wall and doing a birthday party here and there I manage to meet a lot of people and even some who were in the same business as I, but just with different equipment. After a few years of serving the community and building an exceptional reputation for service I was approached by one of the most successful inflatables companies in south Georgia. Jumpin J's Inflatables was started by two sisters who provided the best service money could buy. After serving the community for several years they both decided it was time to pass on there business to someone else giving them both more time with there families and children. I had built an awesome relationship with them through out the last couple of years and was fortunate enough to be given the first opportunity to purchase Jumpin J's Inflatables. I have tried my best to continue the best service possible. Today we have over 30 inflatables and the rock wall which started it all. I look forward to serving our great customers and we hope to see you soon.

Thanks so much!!

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